Why digital platforms are the future of the labelling industry

15 March 2023

Driven by a high-growth evolving market, printers and converters across the labelling industry are looking for new ways to stay ahead.

Digital platforms future

The rapid growth of e-commerce has led to a surge in demand for labels and packaging as consumers flock online for their shopping needs. In response, the market has shifted towards favouring short production runs with fast turnaround times – requiring printers to show unprecedented agility and flexibility.

But with the rise of Industry 4.0 and the associated technologies, digital solutions are emerging to help create a modern, connected approach to business management.

With the industry already predicting strong growth in 2023 driven by innovation and the evolution of these digital platforms, embracing this transformation will be critical to thriving in the labelling landscape of the future.


The platform revolution
In the modern world, instant communication is taken for granted. A speedy response is expected when dealing with partners, from technical assistance to ordering critical business supplies.

This is where digital platforms come in. Serving as a complete virtual ecosystem, the right platform provides a seamless bridge between supplier and their customer, removing bottlenecks in the supply chain and connecting you with your partners.

Our platform, Pulse LINK, was designed to ease the pressure on converters. By connecting and securing key business processes, Pulse LINK provides a solution for label converters and package printers with the necessary flexibility.

When you need your ink orders to be fast, accurate, and adaptable to your needs, digital platforms like Pulse LINK are the answer. Gone are the days of spending ages tracking down order information or struggling to get through to support from your suppliers; with Pulse LINK, users can rest assured their orders are handled with total transparency.

As a one-stop digital shop, users of Pulse LINK can place orders online then easily monitor their order status, view invoices and check delivery status all at the push of a button. This instant communication makes it easy to adjust orders based on changing job requirements.


Customisation made easy
Customisation is another trend that is commonly sought in label and packaging design. Businesses expect an element of personalisation to help their product stand out on the shelf, such as bespoke brand colours.

With Pulse LINK, offering this personalisation becomes easy. Because the platform features a fully interactive mixing guide, including a unique millage calculator, users can easily work out how to create the right colours using our PureTone and PureAqua ranges.

Sometimes you may need even further support – that’s where Pulse LINK shines. With an incorporated knowledge base, this platform lets you access technical and sales data sheets at your convenience, meaning teams can access product information whenever needed. This hub also contains all necessary technical, regulatory, and product information in one convenient portal.

If additional support is needed, a ticket system puts you in direct content with Pulse Roll Label Products, letting you log any questions and monitor progress in real-time.

Centralising these administrative tasks into one platform can unlock untold efficiencies for your business. With instant ordering and communication, and technical support on demand, a connected labelling platform like Pulse LINK brings the full benefits of digital technology to the modern user.

In a volatile market with an industry hungry for innovation, this platform’s stability, flexibility and efficiency will be key to helping label printers and converters realise their full potential in the future.

To find out more about Pulse LINK, get in touch with our team at sales@pulserl.com.

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