UV Flexo Inks


Formulated by us for flexibility and supreme quality, PureBright® UV flexo metallic inks add value to your printed labels and packaging

PureBright® Metallic Inks

We developed PureBright® UV flexo metallics to provide high-quality inks with the flexibility to offer our label and package printing customers freshly-made products with shorter lead times.

We make our unique PureBright® metallic inks in Britain, precision-engineering them for improved flow, transfer, opacity, and coverage. This means they offer great adhesion and excellent overprintability.

The latest equipment ensures high lustre and optimal brightness to enhance the packaging or label design with a luxury, premium effect – enough for even the most discerning brand owners.

PureBright Metallic Inks
PureBright Metallic Inks-gold

PureBright® Metallic Inks

Suitable for UV flexographic applications including self-adhesive labels, wrap-around labels, linerless labels, folding cartons and unsupported films, our PureBright® range matches the PMS metallic bases 871, 872, 873 Golds and 877 Silver for a bright, attractive finish.

Our PureBright® Food Packaging Compliant (FPC) metallic inks are EuPIA and Nestlé compliant, suitable for non-direct food packaging contact applications.

Brighten up your labels and packaging with our EuPIA compliant PureBright® metallic inks, exclusively made in Great Britain.


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