Making the move to PureAqua

Extract from 'Water, water everywhere' article in FlexoTech Magazine, February 2019.

Narrow web specialist Pulse Roll Label Products is focused on offering its customers inks and varnishes that deliver outstanding print results and also meet the needs of today’s printers by enhancing efficiencies and thus increasing market competitiveness. Following the success of its flagship UV flexo ink system, PureTone, it was a natural progression for the R&D team at Pulse Roll Label Products to develop a water-based flexo ink system, PureAqua, using a similar concept and technology that could deliver optimal print performance and colour consistency.

Mikaela Harding, product manager, said, ‘Although the majority of our business is UV flexo, many of our customers also use water-based flexo technology for printing on multiple substrates. We understand the need for colour consistency on a global scale and the value of digital colour management as proved with our PureTone UV flexo ink system. We wanted to be able to offer a single ink system that could achieve the highest level of colour consistency and print quality for water-based flexo, and on all substrates. Our high-strength PureAqua ink system builds on the concept of offering a total colour management solution and is unique in the label market in that it’s formulated for use on coated and uncoated papers, thermal papers and films.’

At the Harwich site of SATO UK, a leader in barcode printing, labelling, and EPC/RFID solutions, Martin Clackett, print production manager, understands the importance of brand colour control. The company already uses PureTone inks for its UV flexo operation and SATO UK has now adopted the PureAqua ink system for its water-based flexo printing business.

Mr Clackett said, ‘We made the move to PureAqua to support our drive to achieve the highest quality of water-based flexo printing on both standard and thermal papers. The PureAqua ink system means that we need to use only one ink system for both substrates making it more efficient and cost-effective, whilst at the same time providing optimal print performance and accurate colour to satisfy our water-based flexo requirements. Combined with the PureAqua varnishes that we also run, we have a complete water-based flexo solution to complement our whole UK labelling business.’

Cost savings can also be achieved by using pre-press proofing equipment to reduce production downtime and minimise waste on press. Water-based flexo metallic inks complement the company’s PureAqua portfolio as do a selection of water-based flexo varnishes and a primer.