Quality is Key Differentiator for Hamilton Adhesive Labels

Credit: Article written by Dave Savastano and published in Ink World Magazine, May/June 2018 (page 15)

As a specialist in self-adhesive labels, Leicestershire, UK-based Hamilton Adhesive Labels is focused on a
number of important industries, including food and beverage, personal care, chemical, automotive and industrial markets. This requires the ability to emphasize quality.

This emphasis of quality has paid off; when the European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA) presented its 2018 Print Awards competition, Hamilton Adhesive Labels received two awards. The company earned a Bronze in the Flexo Print on Paper – Narrow Web category for Luxury Madras Spice, Sizzle and Stir, and Highly Commended designation in the Good Manufacturing Practice category.

In a world where customers require faster speed to market, shorter print runs and tighter color tolerances, Hamilton Adhesive Labels is relying on its suppliers to help meet these demands.

“Labels are our market, and quality is the differentiator for us,” said Paul Larkin, operations director, Hamilton Adhesive Labels.

The family-owned company started in 1992 with the stated goal of supplying a quality product on time as a competitive price. Hamilton Adhesive Labels has a 45,000 square foot manufacturing plant, and its capabilities include up to 15 colors and hot and cold metal foiling.

The company invests heavily in new printing and testing equipment. In December 2015, Hamilton added an MPS EF Series UV flexo multi-color printing press, its third MPS press.

Larkin said that combining technology and color measurement is essential for providing quality. However to be truly efficient and to achieve the highest quality consistently, Hamilton had to create a predictive printing system, “right first time.”

“I got really interested in how I could marry science with technology to create a predictive system for flexo,” Larkin observed. “One key is the ink itself. The issue is whether you can get consistent quality across the whole color gamut. Can I identify an ink system that is most accurate and have the ability to achieve sufficient color using a common anilox volume. This became the backbone in achieving the highest possible quality, right first time.”

Larkin said that Pulse Roll Label Products’ PureTone UV flexo ink system became the choice for his company. “We tested all companies’ inks in the lab and the leader was PureTone,” he continued, adding that each color was scored on the closest dE, how long it took to get that match, the amount of bases required to achieve the match, and the percentage of transparent white included.

“We put it on the press and it was the most accurate for Pantone. In addition, the tests qualified that all colors could be achieved with a common volume, unique to the PureTone offering,” Larkin said. “I achieved exactly the right color on every sample. Now every job comes out right the first time.”

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